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Down Scale Program (4 Weeks) - It's BACK!

Reps With Alison Fitness Studio
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When: April 25th - May 16th. (5 Week Program)

Time: Thursdays 7 p.m. - 8 p.m. 

Where: 1012 Notre Dame Street, Embrun, Ontario at the Reps With Alison Fitness Studio.

This Program entails:

  • A ONE HOUR IN-STUDIO group FITNESS session, INCLUDING: Motivational talks, nutritional advice, goal setting. Workouts will include functional movements (getting your body moving), resistance training (light).
  • NUTRITION PLAN made for you, by you (with my help of course.) This will be executed on the first class. 
  • Accountability Facebook Page to keep you on track EVERY DAY. This includes access to Alison as your Coach. Expect daily motivation and accountability. This private group will give you ALL of the tools to ensure that you are supported and feel confident in your journey.
  • Online access to pre-recorded workouts.
  • At HOME daily challenges to keep you moving forward!

*OPTION to join Thursdays class via ZOOM. 

This program is for all ages and fitness levels. If you are in a slump, then THIS program is for you!

- Alison is your Personal Trainer and Personal Coach for this program. 

Program is non-refundable and non-transferable.