Perfectio X LED Light Therapy

Perfectio X LED Light Therapy

Reps with Alison Fitness Studio
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Packages Include

1. Each package offered includes 3 appointments a week for 4 weeks. Additional packages may be necessary depending on your individual, unique starting point and personal goals. Please note, Monthly Refresher Treatments can only be booked once you have completed at least one full round of package appointments.

2. Combination of Two Areas package includes bonus 1 Refresher Appointment ($40 Value).

3. Entire Face Package includes bonus 2 Refresher Appointments ($80 Value).


Black Friday Promo! 

To celebrate the launch of this new service and Black Friday, we're offering a limited-time special price for the packages:

  • Any One-Area Treatment Package - (Black Friday price $320, Regular price $480)
  • Combination of Two Areas Treatment Package - (Black Friday price $600, Regular price $960)
  • Entire Face Treatment Package - (Black Friday price $899, Regular price $1440)


Appointment Lengths

1. Forehead Treatment: 10 minutes

2. Mid Face Treatment: 10 minutes

3. Neck Treatment: 10 minutes

4. Specific Targeted Area Treatment: 10 minutes

5. Combination of Two Areas (eg. Forehead and Neck) Treatment: 20 minutes

6. Entire Face (includes Forehead, Mid Face and Neck) Treatment: 30 minutes

7. Monthly Refresher Treatment: 10 minutes


Appointment Times

Appointments are from 11 a.m. to 5 p.m., Mon-Thurs.

Evening appointments start at 8 p.m. on Tuesdays.


How To Book Your Appointments

After completing your purchase of your preferred treatment package, contact Alison at or 613-795-7407 to book your appointment times.


Appointment Location

Reps With Alison Fitness and Wellness Studio, 1012 Notre Dame Street, Embrun, Ontario.


Refund Policy 

Sorry, there are no refunds once treatments have begun.