Pole Dance 101 Monday 8 Week Program

Pole Dance 101 Monday 8 Week Program

Reps with Alison Fitness Studio
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This program will allow you to learn, practice and execute beginner Pole Dance movements allowing you the personal instruction that you need.

We believe that every body should and can have access to Pole Dance without the fear of failure.

Our Instructors work WITH you as an individual to ensure that you are not getting lost in the class.

This won't happen! 


**We are ALLOWING Pole 102 clients into this class. 

The Instructors will take you on your Pole journey from beginning and guide you through more technique, movement while improving your Pole skills!

💥Our POLE SYSTEM will allow you to re-register for 101 & 102 over and over again and always GET NEW INSTRUCTION while building skills and technique.

*Spots will be limited to 7 to allow for class movement and personal attention! ✅


When and Where:  

Every Monday from May 1st - June 19th 2023, 8pm - 8:50 pm at The Reps With Alison Fitness Studio.

Instructor: Vero