Pole Skills and Strength Program - Saturday

Pole Skills and Strength Program - Saturday

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Have you ever wanted to focus on building upper body and core strength to assist with your Pole Skills? 

Maybe you are currently taking a Pole Dance Program with us, and want to continue to work on your core and upper body conditioning while enhancing your Pole Dance technique and skills in class! 

Whatever your goals, this class is for everyone!

It is extremely common for some women to feel discouraged when starting Pole Fitness OR considering it. They may feel discouraged in Pole for not having upper body and core strength! THIS IS COMPLETELY NORMAL. 

Time, patience, conditioning and PRACTICE will allow you to build these skills no matter your age, weight and fitness level! I promise! ;) 

Following a program and consistency ARE NEEDED. 

Practice. Practice. Practice.

We are now pleased to offer this 6 Week Pole Skills and Strength Program where the focus will be to build upper body and core strength using, while building on YOUR current Pole Dance skills. 

We will focus on ALL upper body muscle groups AND core using a sequence of sets and reps for each movement. With each class you will absolutely notice your strength and confidence increase. Pole or no pole, you will never regret being strong! 

We highly encourage taking Pole Dance more than one time per week. 

 I'm pleased to welcome Andreanne to lead this instruction. 


Program dates and time:

Saturdays 10 a.m. - 10:50 a.m. from Nov 4th - Dec 23rd, 2023.


*NO PREREQUISITE for this program.