Personal Growth Workshop

Personal Growth Workshop

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Have you struggled with pursuing your personal goals with the same results over and over, if not worse? 

Are you lacking the confidence to pursue what makes soul and spirit sing?

ARE YOU BEYOND STUCK IN A RUT and your goals and dreams never take action?

The pandemic has done that to a lot of people. You are not alone. 

Aside from the pandemic, most people get so caught up in the classic rat race, that they never follow their passions and dreams. 


Your mind stops you. 


Your soul wants it.


Your physical self wants it. 


You just can't get out of that mindset of being stuck which leads to frustration and believe it or not, illness. Physical, mental and emotional illness.

I personally have allowed my mindset to change so that I can live an extremely fulfilled life. This is something that I work on daily. 

My thoughts become action.

My actions influence my thoughts.

Then the course in action and repeats itself producing amazing results!

You have the power to achieve ANYTHING you put your heart, soul and mind into! 

Sometimes just having someone explain it to you, and go through the steps is exactly what you need.

If your thoughts are in a negative, small space. This will produce negative actions, that in return keep producing those unproductive thoughts.

Your overall health and wellness should be a priority. 


Taking TIME to discover you should be a priority!


Personal growth should be a priority!


Having to adapt to the online component, I am currently taking online courses to certify myself in an array of very specific Coaching courses to bring out the best in you, for you, while bringing out the best in me, for me and to share with you!

I love my physical fitness.

However I love the soulful passions that set my mojo on fire even MORE! 

These workshops and services will soon be available through my Wild Woman Power social media platform! 

Bring a notebook and leave with a basic plan for YOUR souls desires that works for you.

Learn what YOUR soul really wants in this life and learn how to take action in simple, easy to understand steps to help you achieve it.

Maybe you already know, but you just can't get there. You don't know how? You can't get out of that old headspace. You settle for less feeling frustrated and then continuing to lead an unfulfilled life.

We all strive for very different things.

Some may include:

*Career change 

*Fat loss and health goals

*Personal passions and goals

*Relationship goals

*Organization goals

Some goals could be MASSIVE and seem extremely unobtainable! 

There is no right or wrong when it comes to passions, challenges and short or long term goals.

You just have to take a step in the right direction and level up. 

Once you put these thoughts into action, the rest takes its course. 


Join me on Tuesday January 25th at 7pm for this 2 hour personal growth workshop and see for yourself.


As I dig deeper into my own personal growth, including new certifications on Coaching and Leadership, I will offer online workshops to share my knowledge and love for this passion. 

If this is the reminder you need to get your butt in gear, then the universe is speaking. 

Actions equal results. 

Thank you for taking the time to read this.