The New You Program (1x per week/8 weeks)

The New You Program (1x per week/8 weeks)

Reps with Alison Fitness Studio
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The pandemic has taken it's toll on everyone in on way or another the last couple of years. 

For most people, the covid pounds (as described in 2020) have been the real deal, and for some, the chaos hasn't stopped. 

Weight gain, lack of movement, fatigue and a sense of hopelessness has been an epidemic in itself. 

The New You Program is a popular program we had running pre-pandemic. 

Safe to say, if it was needed then, it's needed even more now.

What's entailed?

This 8 week program is an in-person fat loss AND accountability program! 

Although a fat loss program, geared at shaving inches off, this program will assist you in creating BETTER daily habits to achieve these goals.

You will receive a suggested meal plan, along with access to a private facebook group for extra support. (Optional)

You will learn to move again. We will go over mobility, movement patterns and of course, a workout that will accommodate all.

Join like-mind women in the safe, private atmosphere of the Reps With Alison Fitness Studio. 

This is an in-person program. 

Classes are Tuesdays at 7pm. 

One time per week for 8 weeks. 

Course Day and Times

Every Tuesday, 7p.m. - 7:50 p.m. (March 6th - April 24th, 2023) 

Class Location

Reps with Alison Fitness Studio, 1012 Notre Dame Street, Embrun