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The Babes and Barbells program arose out of client demand for a woman-focused weight lifting program. With that in mind, the Reps with Alison Fitness Studio in Embrun designed this special program, no matter what your fitness goals are. This program focuses on resistance training to help you lose body fat, increase your metabolism, increase strength, build lean muscle, increase endurance, and increase your energy. The benefits of weight lifting for women are amazing and you'll be thrilled at the results.

As a Woman, Will Weight Training Make Me Bulky?

Nope, not at all. Many women worry that weight training will make them look "bulky". This is a common misconception and actually couldn't be further from the reality of how resistance training benefits a woman's body. With a proper nutritional plan, if you weight train as a woman, you will lose body fat and sculpt you body for a more toned physique.

To get the large, "bulky" muscles professional body builders have requires massive amounts of food (calories) and a weightlifting plan geared towards muscle growth. Massive muscle don't happen from just lifting weights - it's a huge dedicated effort to achieve that type of look. If that's not what you want, you have nothing to worry about.
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