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Are you struggling to find the motivation to keep your health and fitness goals on track?

Are you packing on extra pounds and feel helpless and lost? Wondering where to start? 

Sometimes, we just need to check-in and get the support of a Coach and community to remind us that staying healthy and active always feels better.... than feeling the results of endless snacking and couch-sitting!

The Down Scale Fat Loss Program is here to give you a helping hand in getting your health back on the path to being the best version of you.

Although the scale does not dictate progress, the principle is the same. 

The Down Scale Fat Loss Program started years ago in Russell, targeting all women looking to make changes to their overall health & wellness. 

This in-person Program was so effective that we even had a name change (Body Evolution) to accommodate the results everyone was getting! 

And now it's back because we know you are searching for non-judgmental help focusing on daily habits that yield the results you are looking for!

This program is for all ages and fitness levels. If you are in a slump, then THIS program is for you!

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