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One SPIN PROGRAM INCLUDED until quantities last! 

Expires Saturday November 25th OR until quantities last.

Register for the Membership, then email with your choice of class option for Spin or Spin & Sculpt! 

Our Unlimited One Month, Unlimited Three Month and Unlimited Six Month Reps Studio (VIP) Memberships include most Studio classes! 

Kangoo Jumps NOW INCLUDED!

*Boot Rental fees apply IF you do Kangoo Jumps classes.

*Pole Dance, Spin Programs not included. 

 Your membership gives you access to UNLIMITED Private Group Weight Training classes, unlimited bootcamps, including Power Hour, Zumba and more... for the duration of your membership.

NOW OPEN GYM USE INCLUDED. What DOES this mean? That you are free to use the back of the Studio while classes are running on the cardio floor. 


Group Fitness & Weight Training:

Looking for a gym? Want to lift weights with access to trainer? The Reps with Alison Fitness Studio in Embrun offers numerous group weight training opportunities in a friendly, private gym atmosphere.

This is also an excellent way to get access to a gym in a controlled setting with a onsite and available to guide you in your workout and answer any questions you might have.


As a Woman, Will Weight Training Make Me Bulky?

There are many benefits to weight training for both men and women:

  • body fat loss
  • increase in lean muscle tissue
  • increased flexibility
  • increased endurance
  • increased strength
  • increased energy
  • increased confidence

You get all of these benefits in a fun, non-judgmental, friendly atmosphere with Alison as your personal coach.

Private Group Weight Training is an excellent alternative to one-on-one personal training. Let's face it, hiring a personal trainer for an hour at a time can be expensive over the long term. For a fraction of the investment, you can join a group of like-minded individuals who are all working towards their own personal fitness goals under the guidance of a personal trainer.

Group fitness classes offer a supportive community of like-minded individuals that motivate each other. 

From Weight Training to Kangoo Jumps, a welcoming fitness community has proven to be an effective way to achieve your goals.

As an added benefit to our clients, we don't require a long-term financial investment.

Just register for a One Month or Three Month membership and you have access to up to unlimited Private Group Weight Training Weight Training classes, Zumba, bootcamps, Pilates Fusion, and MORE.... 

Classes are subject to change and are based on the seasonal calendar updates.

*YOUR membership expires either one month, 3 months or 6 months from your start date. 

*Please note that VIP Memberships are limited. 

Did you know?

Working in a group setting also helps keep you motivated. We all know how hard it is to find the energy to workout after a long day of family obligations, work, and errands. Knowing there's a group of people who are making their personal wellness a priority waiting for you to join them is a huge motivator. Not everyone enjoys working out in a large, open gym with lots of people around. Group training allows you to get a full workout in with only a handful of other people just like yourself. It's intimate, has all the benefits of full gym, and lets you reach your goals on your terms in a private gym setting.

As an added bonus, Our VIP Memberships come with Nutritional advice and check-in accountability. There is also access to a members-only Lean Machine Accountability Facebook page. On this page there are fitness challenges with prizes, meal ideas, recipes and access to Alison for questions and support. 


ANOTHER added bonus? - Access to pre-recorded workouts! These are access via the private Facebook group. 


January 2024 Membership Class OPTIONS  Days and Times:


Monday 7 a.m. - 8 a.m. Group Weight Training with Alison

Monday 12 p.m. - 12:50 p.m. Lunch Hour Power Hour or Open Gym 

Monday 6 p.m. - 6:50 p.m. Kangoo Jumps - Open Gym

Monday 7 p.m.  - 7:50 p.m. Power hour - Open Gym 


Tuesday 9:15 a.m. - 10:15 a.m.  Group Weight Training (Open Gym)

Tuesday 12 p.m. - 1 p.m. Open Gym 

Tuesday 6 p.m. - 6:50 p.m. - OPEN GYM

Tuesday 7 p.m. - 7:50 p.m. Zumba With Crystal - Open Gym 


Wednesday 7 a.m. - 8 a.m. Group Weight Training  

Wednesday 12 p.m. - 12:50 p.m. - Open Gym 

Wednesday 4 p.m. - 4:50 p.m. Group Weight Training - Open Gym 

Wednesday 6 p.m. - 6:50 p.m. Kangoo Jumps - Open Gym


Thursday 9:15 a.m. - 10:15 a.m. Group Weight Training - Open Gym

Thursday 12 p.m. - 12:50 p.m. Lunch Hour Power Hour or Open Gym 

Thursday 6 p.m. - 6:50 p.m. Group Weight Training/Babes & Barbells- Open Gym 

Friday 7 a.m. - 8 a.m. Private Group Weight Training  


Saturday 8:30 a.m. - 9:20 a.m.  Kangoo Jumps- Open Gym


Sunday 9:30 a.m. - 10:30 a.m - Open Gym 

*Please note that classes are subject to change. 

*Registration for memberships is ongoing. You choose your start date and the membership expires on the same date one or three months later, depending on which membership option you choose. Sorry no exceptions or extensions. Memberships are non-transferable. Contact us if you have any questions.


Membership Disclaimer:

We at Reps With Alison Fitness Studio, have the right to terminate your membership at any point due to:

Failure to comply with in-studio safety rules, regulations and Instruction, imposed by Instructor and/or Studio Owner.

Your membership will be terminated if you should put the health and safety of members, including yourself and Instructors at risk, at The Reps With Alison Fitness Studio. 

Your membership will be terminated if you display any judgemental behavior, rude, disrespect or negative behavior towards class participants, Instructors or Studio Owner,  at The Reps With Alison Fitness Studio.

A two week probationary period will be enforced for all Reps VIP membership holders.

We thrive on a fun, safe, non-judgmental encouraging environment.

We thank you for encouraging a friendly, supportive and welcoming space. 

- Alison


Program Location

Reps with Alison Fitness Studio, 1012 Notre Dame Street, Embrun.


*Registered programs are non-refundable are not valid for credits.


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