WE have revised our POLE programs to make them MORE ACCESSIBLE FOR EVERYONE.


WE are removing the level system and allowing for a more flexible programing.


📌With limited hours in studio (as we have other programs in prime hours) we have come to a new Pole System that is NOT traditional like the classic 'Level' system!
And hey, since when has Reps ever been traditional? lol.

📌WE ARE CHANGING THINGS UP and improving our current program.

👉Upper body strength plays a big part in Pole Dance.


👉Core strength plays a big role in Pole Dance.




AND you know what????

Not a lot of people have all of the ABOVE! And that is OK!

✖️At Reps, we never want to exclude people based on fitness level, strength level, OR your weight!
So, as the business owner, I am making a call to make POLE MORE DAMN ACCESSIBLE for MORE PEOPLE! ✅✅✅
POLE 101
This program will be for beginners ONLY. You will learn Pole Dance while building core and upper body strength. 
POLE 102
This will be for clients who have taken one of our Pole 101 or Pole 102 programs. 

 Pole 103 Coming May 2023! 

We will NOW be requiring you to complete different movements and combo requirements in order to advance to Pole 103.

*For example, in order for you to progress to inverts, you must have completed the requirements to do so.

At no time can someone join and expect to advance to higher and more advanced movements without completing the prerequisites needed of Pole Dance. 

If you have been taking Pole 101 or Pole 102 with us, you will need 24 classes total to advance to inverts and more advanced technique in Pole 103. (Coming May 2023)

*Spots will be limited to 7 participants. ✅


Pole Fitness will not only increase your upper body strength, core strength, flexibility and help with fat loss, it can be an excellent cardiovascular workout as well. The physical benefits alone could get you into the best shape of your life!


This workout hits it all! 

-Builds Strength

-Improve Flexibility

-Promotes Fat Loss

-Increases Self-Confidence

-Stress Reliever


The Reps With Alison Fitness Studio, we believe that every woman should feel beautiful and strong in her own skin! To ensure full privacy during these classes, our windows will be 100% blacked out from the outside world.

Nothing beats the confidence that you build while pole dancing! The workout is just a bonus! 

If you have ever wanted to try it, now is the time!

 *Registered programs are non-refundable and are not valid for credits.

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