Collection: The Lean Machine

Do You struggle with fat loss? 

Are you a victim of the many fad diets that have promised results, only to be lost, broke and even more confused? 

Over the last 8 years I have helped an incredible amount of women live happier, more fulfilling lives by giving the the tools to succeed with their health goals. 

The Lean Machine is an online FAT LOSS ACCOUNTABILITY program that has an option to come in to the Studio one time per week to select classes. You do not have to attend any mandatory classes, in-studio or online. 

This learn at your pace program has been most effective for helping you to create habits that promote your health goals. 

This is a STEP by step program, allowing the information to be absorbed, while assisting you in losing your old mindset of dieting.

This program offers LIVE and pre-recorded class options. For full info, see class link.

*Registered programs are non-refundable and are not valid for credit.

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